Simple Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6150 1006

Have you come across QuickBooks error 6150 and 1006 and do not understand what exactly you can do? While QuickBooks is regarded as the top accounting software, however, it is also the fact that it’s susceptible to certain stubborn errors that we can’t ignore.

There are numerous error codes that are experienced by users and one of them is QuickBooks error 6150 and 1006 that is identified by four digits i.e. 1006. If you’re facing this error and are not able to solve the issue, do not worry. We’re here for you!

The most crucial step is to determine the reason behind the error and then find the solution to resolve QuickBooks Error codes 6150 quickly. 

Causes For QuickBooks Error 6150

If for any reason, QuickBooks cannot open or access the company’s file, it displays the error codes -6150-1006. Below are all causes that cause the company file unreadable or inaccessible for the software:

Causes For QuickBooks Error 6150

  • Damaged .QBW (or Company the file).  
  • Users should create an archived backup file that can be stored on a device.  
  • If QB Installation is corrupt. 
  • Users access portable files but without opening the software.  
  • Users changed or inputted the wrong extension for QB resulting in QuickBooks error 6150 and 1006
  • If a company’s file is infected by an internet malware or virus.  

Symptoms For QuickBooks Error 6150 

A lot of times, users are not able to determine if they’ve encountered errors or not. When this happens it is important to be aware of the following indicators and signs (mentioned below).

Symptoms For QuickBooks Error 6150

We will examine each of the symptoms and signs of QuickBooks error 6150 and 1006 below:

  • The system starts crashing frequently even while using the same program.  
  • Error 6150 appears and crashes the window of the program that is currently active.  
  • This error message also comes when windows are running slow and are not responding to mouse or keyboard inputs in a timely manner.  
  • Another indication for QuickBooks error codes 6150 & -1006 is when  the system starts freezing.  

Steps To Resolve QuickBooks 6150 1006

Below are some most effective steps through which you will not only repair the error but also stop it from recurring.

Solution 1: Restore from Backup

The first method in resolving QuickBooks Error 6150 is to restore your “Company file” from backup. Here are the steps to do this.

  •  Firstly, open “QuickBooks”.  
  •  Now, click the “File” option.  
  • Thereafter, choose “Open or Restore Company”.

Open or Restore Company

  • Moving on, click the option “Restore a Backup Copy”.
  • Choose “Local Backup”.  
  • Select the location for “Company File Backup” after navigating to the “Look-In” list.  
  • Simply click “Backup” and it should appear with the “.qbb” extension.
  • After that, click “Open”.
  • Tap on “Save In” and browse the needed location for the restoration of the backup files.  
  • Within the “File-Name” field- write “New Company”.  
  • Also, make sure that “save as file” is saved automatically in order to restore your file in “.Qbw” format.  
  • Choose “Yes”  
  • In the end, type “Yes” to confirm the process of overwriting. The QuickBooks error 6150 shouldn’t be a problem for you now.

The Limitation of “Backup Restore”

  • In many instances users are unable to create backup files from the “Company file” due to inexperience, or because they believe it’s not needed.
  • The most recent and updated backup is not accessible.
  • “Backup Restoring” is not giving satisfactory results.  

Solution 2: Checking for CryptoWall

Checking for CryptoWall

There are instances where the CryptoWall virus or other harmful software results in QuickBooks error 6150 code, and stops you from opening the application. In this situation, experts advise to follow the steps outlined below:

  •  To start, go to the “Windows Start” menu.
  •  Enter “File Explorer” in the search field. Then, access it.  
  •  Open the QuickBooks folder located on C drive.  
  •  Look for files with words that read encryption or instructions.  

If you discover any files that meet the description above, contact your antivirus provider.

Solution 3: Make A QB Desktop Company File

The QuickBooks Desktop company file has crucial company financial records. If you’re new to QuickBooks and want to get started, you must begin by creating a company file. If there is already a company file then you can either upgrade your file or see whether it’s the right time to create an entirely new company file to replace your previous file.

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks Desktop.  
  • Then, navigate to the window “No Company Open”. There tap on “Create a New Company File”.  
  •  Choose Detailed Start or Express Start.

Express Start:

  •   Enter all the necessary information in the QuickBooks Setup window.  

(Choose “Help me” to read the descriptions for each type of business and the chart of accounts that QuickBooks will create for you based on your company.)

  • Select “Create Company”.  
  • After the company file has been completed, begin to create your clients, charts of accounts and services. You can also make them later by choosing Start Working.  

Detailed Start:

  • Enter your details in the “Easy Step Interview” window and choose “Next”.
  • Choose your industry and click “Next”.
  • Pick the business type entity, then click “Next”.  
  • Choose your fiscal year’s beginning month, and then select the next month.
  • Select your QuickBooks administrator password and then select “Next”.
  • Choose the location in which you would like to keep your company’s file, then select “Save”.
  • Click “Next” to personalize your QuickBooks or choose leave.   

Solution 4: Auto Data Recovery

The Auto Data Recovery (ADR) is available only on the Desktop Pro, Enterprise, and Premier Solutions. You can fix QuickBooks Error 6150 1006 using this tool. This method also fixes QuickBooks Error 6190 easily. Let’s look at how.

Find Transactions that Occurred Recently with the Initial .TLG or .QBW.adr File

  • Firstly, create an additional folder on the desktop and save it as “QBTEST”.
  • Navigate to the place where the company’s file is stored. You can verify the location of the company’s file on “No Company Open Window”. Open this window by holding the keys Ctrl+Shift. Then tap twice on the QB desktop icon.

No Company Open Window

  • Thereafter, find the .TLG file within the folder for your company file. It contains the name of your company’s file and the extension. For Example, CompanyFileName.qbw.TLG.
  • Moreover, do a right-tap on the qbw.TLG file, and then tap on Copy( or push Ctrl+C).
  • Then, open your QBTEST folder on the PC to paste the file. Push (Ctrl+V) to paste the QBTEST file into it.  

QBTEST folder

  • Now access the folder of QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery. It’s located at the same file location for your company.
  • Moving on, right-tap on “Qbw.ADR” and then type (Ctrl+C)  
  • Open the QBTEST folder and Paste(Ctrl+V) this file. Now you have “Qbw.ADR and Qbw.TLG” within the QBTEST folder.
  • Under that folder, right-tap on .qbw.ADR and tap on “Rename”.
  • Then, you can delete .ADR from the end of the file.

you can delete .ADR from the end of the file

  • Tap on “Yes” to save the changes.
  • Thereafter, open QuickBooks while still pressing Ctrl+Shift to display a “No Company Open” screen.  
  • Then tap on “Open or Restore Current Company”.
  • Now, choose “Open Company File”.
  • After that, click “Next”.  
  • Moving on, find the location on Desktop to access the QBTEST folder. 
  • Choose the company file and tap Open.

When you open this file, check the register for transactions.

  • Now you have to run verify utility.
  • Navigate to “File” > then “Utilities” > lastly “Verify Data”.
  • Choose OK for closing the opened windows.
  • In the end, if QuickBooks doesn’t find any issue in data, tap OK.

If the restored file is in good condition move it from the QBTEST directory to the original place.

Solution 5: Make Use of Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

To resolve the Quickbooks Error 6150 1006, you can make use of the Quickbooks file doctor tool. Follow the below steps to resolve the error:

  • Run the QB file doctor and wait till the screen displays a pop-up of no company open.
  • Then go to the file and utilities tab.
  • Also, select the Repair File tab and Network Problems options.
  • When the dialogue box appears, then, you must click on the OK tab.
  • Later, the program is launched by a file doctor with administrative rights.
  • After that, choose the Yes option in the dialogue box.
  • To access the QB file doctor, click on the wrench icon and followed by the continue tab.
  • Now input your credentials and log in to the file. This causes the file doctor to begin working on resolving the file.
  • Only the diagnostic file should be selected from the advanced options menu.
  • Then, select the Next tab.
  • After the system alerts you, launch the file to see if the problem persists.

Final Words

Once you go through the steps above, the QuickBooks error 6150 won’t hinder your work anymore. It will not affect the newly-created company file as well. So, finally, that is the conclusion of this article. We hope this article helps you repair the QuickBooks Error 6150 and 1006 effectively. All suggestions and opinions are warmly welcomed below.

Simple Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6150 1006

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