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QuickBooks file doctor is an official tool developed by Intuit to troubleshoot network and company file related issues on-the-go. If you have been receiving ‘6000 errors’ message or facing data damage with a file then this particular program can be the life-saver. This tool has been released in two different forms, the first being the stand-alone one, where users need to download the tool separately, while the second being the integrated one, where the tool gets added within the QuickBooks software itself. Any user accessing QuickBooks 2016 version till the recently released one can highly use this particular tool to instantly check, fix, and regular errors that happens within the Company file.

Things you need to take a note of before using QB File Doctor

  • You must either login to the device as an administrator or provide administrative rights before troubleshooting the company file using the file doctor tool
  • Active network is highly needed to upload the corrupted or damaged file
  • The company file that you are about to upload and troubleshoot must not be more than 2GB in size
  • If you have installed the latest QuickBooks software version without uninstalling the previous ones then it might interfere and cause network repair problems. Uninstall them and then start with the troubleshooting process.

QuickBooks file repair possibilities

Following is a set of commonly faced errors that you can effectively diagnose and recover the company file or resolve network issues using QB file doctor program. 

  • QuickBooks multi-user setup and network issues like H101, H202, H303, or H505 can be instantly diagnosed and resolved
  • Any kind of net connectivity issues can be dealt in a matter of time through this program
  • Core company files that are in a corrupted state can be recovered at ease
  • Any QB file that has been completely damaged and not said to be in a state to access can be diagnosed to identify potential issues and clear them all at bay.

Steps involved in using QuickBooks stand-alone File Doctor version:

You need to download and install the latest QuickBooks doctor stand-alone version that has the updated troubleshooting and error-solving features present in themQB File Doctor

  1. Visit the official website of Inuit to find the direct QuickBooks file doctor download links 
  2. Make sure to download the version that is compatible with your computer system
  3. Once the tool has been downloaded, run them and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process
  4. After installing the tool, open it up from the Windows taskbar
  5. A new window shall open up, where you need to click upon the ‘Browse’ button and then locate the QB company file that has been corrupted or facing damage while opening them. QuickBooks file repair
  6. After locating the file path, you can select the troubleshooting needs by selecting the tick boxes.QB file doctor
  7. Click upon the ‘Diagnose file’ button 
  8. The next window shall provide two different options from which you need to choose one. Make sure to choose the one that is appropriate to the issue that you have been facing with the company file.quickbooks file doctor
  9. If the company file has been damaged or you have been facing 6000 series type of error then you need to pick the first option
  10. If network related problems have been frequently interrupting you from accessing the company file like H303, 101 or 202, then the second option must be your choice
  11. After making the right selection, you need to type in the Company File Admin Password and then click upon the ‘OK’ button.QB File Doctor
  12. Now, again two different options shall be present, from which you need to pick one to continue with the diagnosing process and fix the error
  13. The first workstation option is for users who are about to troubleshoot from the client’s computer. If the QB company file has not said to be hosted or stored in the computer that you are about to troubleshoot the error then pick this option
  14. The second option is for users who are about to diagnose and troubleshoot the issues on the client computer that has the file hosted or stored in them.
  15. Click upon the ‘Yes’ button if you are using file doctor tool from the client’s computer, or click on the ‘No’ button if QuickBooks Workstation is your choice
  16. The next step involves repairing the files from the potential damage that made them turn unresponsive 
  17. It may take a few minutes to repair based upon the damage, file size, network speed and other factors
  18. Do not close the window until QB File Doctor completely diagnoses and fixes the possible errors with the company files.QuickBooks file repair
  19. After the repairing process gets completed, you can open QuickBooks and try re-opening the repaired file.QB file doctor
  20. Now, you will be able to access the stored data from the company file 

You can anytime access the data log file to understand the type of repair process that has bought back the company file to life.

Steps involved in using QuickBooks Built-in File Doctor version

Integrated or built it QB file doctor helps in identifying errors and shall automatically launch the troubleshooting window as well. All you need to do is to click upon the ‘Start’ option once the QuickBooks software integrated tool diagnoses the potential issues to let it start fixing them. The other selections you need to make are quite similar to the above-mentioned File Doctor stand-alone version usage instructions. 

  1. Do not directly open up the company file. You need to first open QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Navigate towards the ‘File’ menu
  3. Select upon ‘Utilities’ option.quickbooks file doctor
  4. Click upon ‘Repair File’ and the ‘Network Problems’ checkboxes to launch up the QB File Doctor
  5. Now browse and locate the exact path of the company file that needs to be diagnosed and repaired
  6. After locating the file, click upon the ‘Open’ button
  7. Make sure to enter the Admin ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ wherever prompted

Wait patiently until the entire repairing process gets completed and then open up the company file directly to access them with no errors coming by your way.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find QuickBooks File Doctor download links?

Visit the official website of Intuit from the device that you are about to download and install the File Doctor tool. Depending upon the connected internet network speed, the download time may vary.

  • How long does it take to open up QuickBooks File Doctor?

Opening the stand-alone version of QB File Doctor depends upon how effective your laptop or computer system meets up with the system requirements as mentioned in the Intuit website.

  • Is it safe to use QuickBooks Doctor?

The QuickBooks File Doctor is the official tool developed and released by Intuit, the company that built QuickBooks accounting software. It is an extremely helpful and effective tool that has been developed to recognize possible network connection errors and provide possible ways to recover damaged company files.

  • Why did my QuickBooks company file get corrupted?

Network connection glitches, hard drive problems, and power glitches that affect the performance of the computer system or the attached network components shall corrupt a QB file any part of the day. Irrespective of the damage or the errors you have been facing with a QB file, you can swiftly deal them using File Doctor tool.

  • What’s the time involved in repairing and rebuilding a corrupted QB file?

Repairing and rebuilding a damaged or corrupted QB file solely depends on factors like file size, network connectivity speed, and number of errors needed to resolve the on-going issues. Once the repairing process has been completed, rebuilding and opening the file shall not take more than a few minutes.


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