How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6147 {Causes & Solutions}

Quickbooks Error 6147

QuickBooks Error 6147 is a common error that many QB customers run across when restoring or accessing their corporate files over a network. If you are experiencing similar problems with your system, this article is for you. It contains every detail regarding QuickBooks error 6147 0 as well as probable symptoms and causes.
QuickBooks is the only program that helps users manage all of the complicated accounting and bookkeeping chores. This program is well-known across the world for its user-friendly, cloud-based interface, which makes it simple for users to use. Read this text all the way to the end to learn everything there is to know about QuickBooks 6147.

What is QuickBooks Error 6147 0?

As previously stated, this issue is connected to restoring or accessing QuickBooks business files via a network. QuickBooks error code 6147 0 arises when a user tries to open or create a backup for all QBW files from the machine to a network. This error is part of the 6000 error series, which alerts the user of a problem with the business file. There are some other 6000 series errors such as QuickBooks Error 6073 that are also covered on our website.

Error code -6147, 0 when attempting to open my company file or a backup file.

This error message pops up on the screen when the error occurs.

Factors of QuickBooks Error Code 6147 0

  • When a backup of the company file is created using an external disc or a network drive.
  • If the .ND and .TLG files are destroyed or corrupted, QuickBooks error 6147 may arise.
  • A QuickBooks error 6147 0 happens when users generate a backup using the improper path or with the help of a mapped disc that no longer exists in the system.

Indication of QuickBooks Error 6147 0

  • Users of QuickBooks will be unable to access the QuickBooks Company file.
  • A backup of the QuickBooks corporate file is not possible.
  • After QuickBooks issue -6147 occurs, an error notice in a message box flashes on the screen.
  • Over time, the user will continually confront crashing presently active windows.
  • The system will begin to respond slowly to the mouse and keyboard.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6147 0?

Follow the below-written solutions to fix the QuickBooks error 6147 that is explained in the step-by-step guide to ease the path.  

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor

  • First and foremost, the user must obtain the QuickBooks File Doctor  from a reputable source, such as Intuit.
  • When the transfer procedure is finished, execute the package on qbfd.exe to install it.
  • Run the QB File Doctor over the QB File that needs to be diagnosed.
  • Restart the computer when the scanning procedure is completed.

Solution 2: Change the Location of QuickBooks Company File

  • Change the Location of the QuickBooks Company file to begin, the user must first log into the QuickBooks package and navigate to the File menu.
  • After that, go to the File menu and select the Utility option.
  • Now the user must select Stop Hosting with Multi-user Mode from the drop-down menu and click it.
  • Now the user must click the positive button and sit up to wait for the next window to appear.
  • When a replacement window appears, select the positive option, which will close the corporate file.
  • Now, on the screen, restore the computer file gift.
  • The user must ensure that the corporate file name does not exceed 210 characters while using this approach.

Solution 3: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks error 6147 0

  • From Intuit’s official website, download the QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • After that, the user must launch the file QuickBooks Desktop Install DiagnosticTool.exe to install QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • After completing the aforementioned method, add the tool to the system.
  • The user must then run the file through the program to diagnose the issue.
  • The user might choose to restart the system when the scanning procedure is completed.
  • Finally, check to see if the QuickBooks issue 6147 has been repaired.

Solution 4: Rename the .ND and .TLG files

QuickBooks Error code 6147

  • First and foremost, the user must go to the location where the company file is kept.
  • Right-click the transaction log file with the extension and choose Properties.
  • TLG and rename it Company file name.OLD.QBW.TLG with the corporate file names and add recent when the name, i.e.
  • Rename the .ND file using an analogous manner, updating or removing the extension code as needed. Company file name.OLD.QBW.ND, for example.

Solution 5: Rename the.ADR File

  • To begin, go to the folder where the QB business files are kept. Next, the user must look for QuickBooks .ADR file.
  • The user can access recent ADR files after pressing on the QuickBooks .ADR file to open it.
  • The user must then right-click on the most recent .ADR file and select the rename option.
  • Now replace the .ADR file extension: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool on to .qbw.


Regarding all the above information, I hope you can easily resolve QuickBooks Error 6147. The solutions in this post are explained in a detailed manner that helps a user to convey the fixation method easily. You are recommended to apply these solutions one by one. It is very important to follow the trials as explained in the above paragraphs for a better result. 

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6147 {Causes & Solutions}

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