Quickbooks Error 6000 301 : Fix It With 7 Effective Steps

Quickbooks Error 6000 301

Without a doubt, QuickBooks software helps businesses a lot with their financial responsibilities. However, the worst part about QuickBooks glitches is that they can completely interrupt your operation, even if they are small. One such rare problem is QuickBooks Error 6000 301 which prevents users from managing their financial work.  

As it’s quite visible, this error code is part of the -6000 series, and we frequently run across it when trying to work on a desktop company file. The majority of users find it extremely difficult to handle this stubborn error. Therefore, we here will enlighten you about QuickBooks Error 6000 in detail starting from the root causes to the permanent fixes.

Factors Causing QuickBooks Error 6000 301

Before applying any troubleshooting methods, you should know what does 301 mean and why it occurs.

Factors Causing QuickBooks Error 6000 301

Multiple factors come together and create QuickBooks error code 6000, 301. Let us look at all down below:

  • Damaged QuickBooks supported files including: Network descriptor file, Transaction log file, Data source name file.
  • Trying to open a company file stored on a server’s hard disc.
  • Corrupt .qbw company file.
  • Also, attempting to install encrypted software can obstruct the work process.
  • Damaged database name file.

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error Code 6000 301

When you identify the error, then only you can apply the most correct solutions to it. Therefore, you must check out the symptoms of the error mentioned below:

  • Facing a time crunch.
  • You have to re-create the QuickBooks company file again and again.
  • Unable to access the corrupt/damaged file.
  • Excess data usage.
  • Experiencing an error that needs downloading support files.

Solutions For QuickBooks Error 6000 301: Permanent Fixations

Users can apply relevant troubleshooting solutions from the list below. These solutions are enough for repairing this error with ease. 

Solution 1: Restart Your System

Because your system may be running a number of background programs, rebooting the system can resolve most of the troubles such as QuickBooks Error 6000 easily. Take the following steps:

  • Firstly, hit “Start”.
  • After that, choose the “Power” icon.
  • Once done, click “Restart”.

Restart Your System

  • In the end, simply launch your company file.

This is the easiest and most recommended solution to apply. If this does not help, then move to the advanced solutions below.

Solution 2: Repairing QuickBooks 

Professionals recommend removing any files that are no longer useful or are damaged. Hence, fixing QuickBooks desktop program can assist you in quickly resolving QuickBooks error 6000 301. The steps involved are:

  • Firstly, tap on “Start”.
  • Now open “Control Panel”.
  • Thereafter, click on “Programs”.
  • Then tap “Programs and Features”.
  • Choose QuickBooks and click on “Uninstall”.

Programs and Features”. Choose Quickbooks and click on “Uninstall”.

  • Moving on, click on “Next” when you see the window of “QuickBooks Installation Window”.
  • Further, choose “Radio Tab” and hit “Repair”.
  • Then tap again on “Next” and choose “Repair”.
  • In the end, click on “Finish”.

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks Desktop

Users must have the latest up-to-date version of any software they install, otherwise they will run into errors and glitches. Updated QuickBooks software includes bug fixes and other important features that improves the software speed and fixes various errors automatically.  There are two ways to update QuickBooks:

Manual Update

The first way is manually updating and the steps are:

  • Firstly, open “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Now, tap on “File”.
  • After that, click “Company/Logoff”.
  • Then, tap “Exit”.
  • Right-click on “QB Desktop”.
  • Now choose “Run Administrator”.
  • Find the window “No Company Open”.

no company open

  • Click “Help”.
  • Thereafter, choose “Update QuickBooks”.
  • Tap on “Options”.
  • Select “No”.
  • Check “Mark All”.
  • Further, hit “Save”.
  • Moving on, click “Update Now”.
  • Then, choose “Reset Update”.
  • Hit “Get Updates”.

“Run Administrator”. Find the window “No Company Open”. Click “Help”. Thereafter, choose “Update QuickBooks”.

  • Now see if you find any updates, then start downloading it.
  • Then “Install” it
  • In the end, simply restart the system.

Automatic Update

The second option to update your software is performing an automatic update.

  • Firstly, open “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Find the option “Help”.
  • Now click “Update QuickBooks”.
  • Go to “Options”

automatic update

  • In the end, select “Yes” against the option “Automatic Update”.

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks File Doctor (External Download)

In this step, you have to run the QB file doctor tool after which it will scan the files and repair them on its own. The steps are:

  • Firstly, start downloading the file doctor tool from official Intuit’s site
  • After downloading, tap on “.Exe File”. This file will start the process of installing.
  • Find the icon of QB file doctor on “Windows Taskbar”. Click on it to open. (Only if does not open automatically)
  • Now find your company file. If you can’t get it then click on “Browse” and hit “Continue”.
  • Tap “Check File Damage & Network Connectivity”.

Check File Damage & Network Connectivity

  • Provide the password there. (You can check it from your company files)
  • Hit “Next”.
  • Choose the specific “Host/server or computer”. If you are not using the computer then choose “Server”.
  • Tap on “Yes” if the file doctor tool is being run on the computer hosting your company files. Or else select “NO”.
  • In the end, just tap on “Finish” diagnosing. Now, QuickBooks Error 6000 won’t be a problem anymore. However if it does, renaming the QB supporting files will help. This step also repairs QuickBooks Error 6190 easily.

Solution 5: QuickBooks File Doctor (Using In-Built Component from Tool Hub)

We recommend you using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool if you’re having problems with the company files. Simply, open the tool, choose its component inside and fix the files. 

Note: You also can download QuickBooks File Doctor separately; however, because QuickBooks Tool Hub is a multi-purpose tool, you can access other tools through it.

After you’ve installed QuickBooks Tool Hub, proceed to the steps listed below.

  • Firstly, launch the tool.
  • Thereafter. Click on its component named “Company File” Issues.
  • Now, tap on “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Once done, click “Browse”.
  • Moving on, select that specific company file that needs repairing.
  • Then check that you have chosen “Check your File”.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Now, with admin rights, log in into your company files.
  • Lastly, tap on “Continue”.

The company files will be fixed once you’ve completed these steps.

Solution 6: Renaming QB Support Files (.ND and .TLG)

If you modify the names of your ND, TLG files, or DSU, you may simply fix QuickBooks error 301. However, make absolutely sure the QB desktop is not opened on every device before proceeding. After that, take the following steps:

  • Firstly, open the company file only on a server.
  • Then, open the QB related file with the extension “TLG” or “ND”.
  • Thereafter, right-tap on “TLG”  and tap on “Rename”.
  • Now add “Old” in the file name’s end. For example, “QBTLG.old”.

“.TLG” and “ND”

  • Moving on, follow the same steps for the ND file as well. Once done with renaming, close the folder.
  • When you do this, “.TLG” and “ND” files will be automatically created when you try to access your company files.

This step will help you kick out QuickBooks 301 error easily and open all company files.

Solution 7: Cease Encryption Software 

Now contact the product vendor for the encryption software for clear instructions on how to disable it.

Note: We don’t really recommend using any 3rd party encryption software to protect the QB Company file. For a clear guidance on how to deactivate encryption software, just contact the vendor.

So, these are the effective ways to kick out QuickBooks Error 6000 from your system. We hope that the information here assisted you in identifying the causes of the error and gave you a best helping hand.

Quickbooks Error 6000 301 : Fix It With 7 Effective Steps

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