Quickbooks File Doctor : Fixing Network Issues (Pro Ways)

Quickbooks File Doctor

While using Quickbooks, there are so many issues related to the network and your company file that occur frequently. You encounter issues such as the company file isn’t opening, is damaged, or inaccessible, unable to connect to the server and so on. To tackle these uninvited problems, Intuit created QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

QuickBooks File Doctor lets you resolve technical errors and issues safely and quickly. This tool has been integrated with QB 2016 and later release. It’s easy to use this tool anytime you face errors 6000 or find damaged data. And it’s is among the most useful tools created in the software to fix problems and errors in real-time.

This tool detects any errors automatically and repairs them instantly. A lot of people are not aware of this amazing tool, and cannot download this tool properly. Hence, they can’t use the tool efficiently. That’s why we’ve come up with this article in which we will discuss the doctor tool in detail.

Issues That QuickBooks File Doctor Fixes

  • Repairs damaged files from companies that fail to open.  
  • Repair Quickbooks network errors such as H101, H202and H303 as well as error H505. These are commonly referred to as QuickBooks file Doctor Errors.  
  • Repair errors in opening company files like  error 6000 – 305, error 61,  error 6000 -82, error 6150,and error 6130.  
  • It helps you resolve the list of your vendors, customers, employees, clients which are either missing or have gone blank.  

Benefits of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • It helps users in resolving Quick books network problems.  
  • Correct 6000 related series errors.  

Benefits of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • The tool also repairs Error H202. H303, H505 and other H series errors.
  • Helps in recovering crucial information that users might have lost.
  • Help with accessing the company’s data file located in a different system.
  • It’s extremely useful for someone whose data is about to be damaged.  

Things To Note Before Making Use of QuickBooks File Doctor 

  • Ensure you are running the most current version of the program installed. If you’ve already had an earlier version installed, you must first delete it and then install the most recent version. This will ensure that you are getting all the new features available in the application. 
  • If you’re using any QuickBooks Desktop software released in 2015 or later, then you automatically have a built-in file doctor within it. What we recommend is to avoid using the built-in QuickBooks file doctor, instead download External file doctors because it comes with the latest features.

Things To Note Before Making Use of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • Use the internal file doctor to repair issues that prevent you from opening files for your company as well as all -6000 errors.
  • You must have Microsoft .Net 3.5 in order to run the file doctor application to Windows 10 operating systems.
  • File doctor is currently only available to QuickBooks for Windows operating systems. You can’t utilize it for Mac operating systems.
  • Accessing admin credentials is crucial prior to using the File Doctor tool.
  • Additionally, you must have an excellent internet connection.
  • There is a specific limit on the size of your files i.e. 1.5 GB.  
  • Make sure that you’ve installed the single edition of QuickBooks.  
  • Experts highly recommend that you update QuickBooks to the most recent version before you can access QBFD.
  • The File Doctor tool is accessible only by those who use QuickBooks Windows OS and not available to MAC users.

Repairing Network and Company File Issues Using File Doctor 

The solution for the Quickbooks problems of all kinds is right here. Follow these steps:

Step 1: QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks.
  • Thereafter download QuickBooks Tool hub after visiting Intuit site.
  • Save the file to the default location “Downloads”. You could choose to save the file according to your preference.
  • Once the download is done, open “File Explorer”.  
  • Now, navigate to “Downloads Folder”.  

navigate to "Downloads Folder"

  • Find the downloaded file, tap twice on it to begin the installation.  
  • Follow the directions for installing this tool.
  • After concluding the installation, navigate to “Windows Desktop”.  
  • Tap twice on “Tool Hub” for accessing it.  

Step 2: Running Quick Fix My File

  • Launch QuickBooks tool Hub.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Company File Issues”.
  • Now, click “Quick Fix My File”.  

Quick Fix My File

  • Press “OK” to launch the tool.
  • After concluding the process, open Quickbooks.

Step 3: Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • Firstly, open the Tool Hub.  
  • Tap on “Company File Issues.  
  • After that, tap on “Run File Doctor”.   
  • The tool will appear on screen.  
  • Select your specific company file showing errors in the account.
  • If the file isn’t listed, tap on “Browse and Search” to find the file and open it.  
  • Choose “Check Your File” now.  
  • Then, tap on “Continue”.
  • It is time to provide the password of the QuickBooks administrator.  
  • Then, click “Next”.  
  • Now, the tool will scan the file, and the time is based on the information contained in the file.
  • After the scan is concluded, this means that it has fixed the problems.    
  • Finally, open QuickBooks and open the Company File to check for the network Quickbooks issues.  

Using The Built-in File Doctor Tool

  • To begin with, click on “File” after opening Quickbooks.
  • Thereafter, choose “Utilities”.  

"File" after opening Quickbooks. Thereafter, choose "Utilities".

  • The next step is selecting the repair file along with Network Quickbooks problems.  
  • Now, click “Browse” then choose the company file that needs fixation and tap “Open”.  
  • Moving on, hover to “Advanced Settings”, choose the issue type.
  • Enter the administrator’s username and password, Tap “Next”.  
  • Finally, you can open Quickbooks and the company file.

Once you have completed the diagnostic and repair procedure, all you need to do is back up the QuickBooks company data and create the backup file on a portable hard drive. It is recommended that you backup your data after the end of each month.

The Possible Outcomes of the Diagnosis

  • First, it could result that the file Doctor found no issue. In this instance, the user will need to access the company’s file, and then go to the Auto Data recovery and record the transactions made since the last backup.  
  • Another result could be that the QuickBooks File doctor tool found the issue and was able resolve the issue. You’re able to open that company file.  
  • Another possibility is one of the File doctor tools discovered the issue, but was unable to resolve the issue. In this instance, we recommend to take the auto data recovery backup, to upload your file.

When Quickbooks File Doctor isn’t Working

In some instances, you can’t use QBFD and an error displays on the screen that says “File doctor is not working” during the diagnosis of your company’s file.

When Quickbooks File Doctor isn't Working

The QBFD error may because of one of the following factors:

  • You’re trying to make changes to the company’s data.  
  • Or if you’ve somehow forgotten to set up any company file in the process of the installation.  
  • If you’re unable to recover the files.  
  • In case there’s damage in the files.  


  • You must restore all backup of QBW file.  
  • Then, use the automatic data recovery feature to repair your QuickBooks file doctor is not working error.  
  • You can also make modifications in the antivirus software , and switch off hosting mode.  

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Limitations

  • The first thing where the file doctor tool will disappoint you is the QuickBooks company file size should be under 2GB.  
  • Internet connection is mandatory for uploading the company’s file.  
  • Administrator credentials are essential.  
  • Network connectivity diagnosis and repair does not function in a correct way, if you have several QuickBooks Versions installed.
  • Diagnostic and repair options will fail to work if Quickbooks Server hosting manager is installed.

Hopefully, this article should answer all your questions and concerns regarding the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. Now you know that this is a magical tool if you use it wisely. At this post’s end, we’re hoping that you will be able to squeeze out the maximum benefits from the file doctor tool. If you have more Quickbooks errors disturbing you and your important work, then do visit our website to get more troubleshooting steps. 

Quickbooks File Doctor : Fixing Network Issues (Pro Ways)

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