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Quickbooks is leading accounting software that is being used by various businesses all across the world. it comes in three different variants and intuits always introduced an update of the Quickbooks Version Every year. In this series, Quickbooks Error 80070057 occurs when you try to open a Quickbooks company file in Quickbooks 2014 but it doesn’t open and an error message will be displayed on the screen when you double-click on the file. However, the file was created in Quickbooks 2014 version, but still, you are not able to open it now. this defines that the Quickbooks account manager is getting Quickbooks error 80070057 while opening the file and this also defines that the Quickbooks account manager doesn’t have enough rights to read/write and Create/delete files in Quickbooks.QuickBooks Error 80070057

If you work on Quickbooks On a daily basis, then it is a must for you to create a backup of the Quickbooks company file on a regular basis to avoid any kind of loss of data due to error in Quickbooks. You can backup Quickbooks file automatically by scheduling backups for future or if you want to backup Quickbooks manually then you can also set a reminder for backups.

In this blog, we will explain to you how you can troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 80070057 along with what are the causes of this error. However, if you have encountered this error while using Quickbooks then you don’t need to worry. you can use the Quickbooks Recovery tool to troubleshoot this issue. This tool is designed with easy-to-use features to make it convenient for users to troubleshoot Quickbooks error.

Quickbooks Error 80070057 Causes

the Quickbooks error 80070057 can cause due to various reasons. but mostly the error occurs due to any kind of communication issue while connecting to the company file. this error mostly occurs while trying to access the Quickbooks company file in multi-user mode. user will get the following message on the screen when they encounter this error “you do not have sufficient permission” or “the parameter is incorrect”. we have listed below some of the reasons that can cause this Quickbooks error.

  • You might be opening the Quickbooks file directly by double-clicking on it, while you should be accessing the file from Quickbooks desktop.
  • While trying to accessing the folder where the Company File is a store, you might be facing some connectivity issues on your computer.
  • there might be some issues in the third-party firewall.
  • you might be using the bit defender antivirus that generally blocks the uncommon ports when two software tries to communicate with each other. the Quickbooks version 2018, 2017, and 2016 uses the 56728(2018), 56727(2017), and 56726(2016) ports respectively to communicate with the database that is stored in the host computer. while the bit defender blocks these ports.

Quickbooks Error 80070057 Troubleshooting 

Solution: 1 Rename Files

Begin this with, keeping a fresh copy of the.ND file in the Company folder in Quickbooks.

  • Now log off from all the computers that are accessing the Quickbooks software.
  • Now restart and log in as an Administrator and now go through the company folder.
  • Now look for that .ND files that are having an issue while opening the company file or which is linked to the company file.
  • after locating the file, either delete it or rename it. In both cases, the file will be created automatically. Along with this, the Quickbooks Network data file will configure the latest setting in order to access the workstations.

Method: 2 Quickbooks Database Server ManagerQuickbooks error

Rescan the Quickbooks company folder using the Quickbooks database server manager or by using the host computer.

  • Open the Quickbooks Database server manager from the Windows taskbar.
  • If the folder is already listed then click on Scan folder or click on the add folder.
  • Now locate the folder and select the file.
  • now click on the Scan option as mentioned above.
  • the scanning process will reconfigure all the permissions that are required to access the Quickbooks company file along with this it will also report the causes of the error that is blocking to access quickbooks.
  • after completion, open Quickbooks from the host computer and after that from the computer that showed the Quickbooks error. If you are still getting this error then you need to contact a professional.

Method: 3 Quickbooks Re-Installation

Process a Clean Install of Quickbooks software using the tools from tool hub.

Method: 4 Quickbooks file DoctorQuickbooks error code 80070057

If the error still persists then you can also use the Quickbooks file doctor tool to troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 80070057.

So these were some of the ways through which you can troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 80070057. If you are unable to troubleshoot this error on your own, then you can get assistance from Quickbooks Experts.


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