How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6144 82?

QuickBooks Error 6144 82

If you work as an accountant in a small or medium-sized business and are bored of keeping track of accounting operations, you are not alone. That is why Intuit, an American software development firm, created software specifically for small and medium-sized businesses all over the world to manage accounting and bookkeeping chores. But sometimes the work gets hindered with some glitches and errors that interrupt while using the software. QuickBooks Error 6144 82 is one such error that occurs within QuickBooks and today we are going to talk about this error in a detailed manner. Without wasting any time.

What is QuickBooks Error 6144 82?

When a QuickBooks user opens a company file that is utilized by another application, the error 6144 82 appears. It is frequently caused by incorrectly configured system settings and abnormalities in the Windows Registry file. It’s a 6000 series error just like QuickBooks Error 6073

If you’re experiencing this problem, you’ll notice an error message on your screen that says: “QuickBooks Error 6144 82 QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” 

There’s a good thing that this error can be easily removed with some troubleshooting methods. All those methods are explained below but before that, you are required to explore all the causes and symptoms of this error to understand it better.

How To Identify QuickBooks -6144 -82?

The below-written signs are the first impression on the system when QuickBooks error 6144 82 occurs.

  • On the screen, your system will display an error message linked to QuickBooks error 6144 82.
  • Windows becomes sluggish and responds slowly to mouse and keyboard inputs.
  • At the same time every few seconds, your computer system begins to freeze.
  • The currently open windows have crashed.
  • To prevent additional harm, your system is turned off.

Why Does QuickBooks Error 6144 82 Emerge? 

To acknowledge the reason behind the occurrence of error 6144 82. QuickBooks is quite essential to remove the error in the first place and avoid it in the future.

  • If your computer has an unfinished or faulty QuickBooks installation.
  • When the QuickBooks Windows Registry becomes damaged as a result of the user’s recent modifications in QuickBooks.
  • Some other application deletes QuickBooks-related QB files, which is a bad thing.
  • Error 6144 82 QuickBooks appears when a virus or malware corrupts a Windows system file or a QuickBooks-related application file.
  • This issue might also be caused by firewall or internet security settings.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6144 82?

QuickBooks error code 6144 82

Apply these methods to your system to resolve QuickBooks error 6144 82. 

Method 1: Set User Permission

  • Go to the company tab in QuickBooks.
  • On the User tab, you must now choose a decision.
  • After that, select Setup User and Roles from the drop-down menu.
  • To gain access to the material, you must first put in the password.
  • When you access the data, you’ll find a User list, from which you’ll need to choose the Username Now and adjust the role as needed.

Method 2: Windows Registry Repair

  • Go to the Start button and type the command into the search box 
  • Now press and hold the ctrl + Shift keys simultaneously then press the Enter key.
  • A new dialogue box opens up, hit the Yes option.
  • A dark box with a blinking cursor will now appear.
  • You must type Regedit and hit the Enter Key.
  • A registry Editor will now appear, here pick the Error 6144 82 associated file.
  • Return to the File Menu and select the Export option.
  • You must select a file to save the QuickBooks backup key within the Save-in list.
  • In the backup file Name box, type a title for the backup file, like QuickBooks Backup.
  • In the Export Range box, make sure that the Chosen Branch option is selected.
  • When saving the file, use the.reg extension.
  • The procedures above will back up your QuickBooks-related Registry item.

Method 3: Windows Error Repair Tool

  • You must first obtain the Window Application tool.
  • Now you may run the application and install it on your computer.
  • Select the Scan Now option to resolve the QuickBooks problem 6144 82.
  • You may also choose to repair all of the problems by selecting Repair All.

Method 4: Rename the .TLG and .ND files 

QuickBooks error -6144, -82

  • Go to the folder that contains all of the company’s files.
  • Right-click on the file with the extension to open it in a new window.
  • TLG and then choose Rename.
  • Add the suffix .OLD to the end of the file name, for as Company.
  • The .ND file should be renamed in the same way.
  • Now, click the Start Button>> and follow the instructions. Program>> QuickBooks>> Server manager for QuickBooks database
  • Choose the folder in which the QuickBooks File is saved.
  • Finally, Open the file after Scanning the folder.
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Hopefully, the above article is worth reading for you and you can easily get rid of the QuickBooks error 6144 82. All these solutions are verified and double-checked by the experts to eradicate the error in no time. In case all the solutions didn’t work well to fix the error they use QuickBooks File doctor. Download the tool and run it on the system to get better results.      

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6144 82?

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