QuickBooks Company File Corruption and Data Damage : Fix It

Quickbooks Damaged Files

The information inside QuickBooks company files is extremely valuable as it holds the entire data that a business requires to increase its efficiency. Losing QuickBooks information can be a catastrophe when there isn’t a backup. One issue that gives users a lot of stress is a damaged QuickBooks Company File 

However, the best part is the fact that it is possible to repair data corruption by making use of tools that are included within QuickBooks Software. But it is also important to note that fixing the corruption without reducing the data file size is a sign that this issue will come again.

Signs of Damaged QuickBooks Company File

Finding the error in data in the QuickBooks company file is simple after you go through the following signs. 

Finding Signs Of Damaged Quickbooks Company File

Some signs that could indicate that there’s a file corruption are:

  • If you come across data issues which prevents QuickBooks from proceeding in Verify Data Utility Or if the minor values are mismatched on the screen or in the Qbwin.log file.  
  • The sudden, abrupt shutdown of QB in the process of trying to delete or save the transaction.
  • Reports with errors are created like Balance sheets where you find that the total assets aren’t equal with the total liabilities and Equity.
  • There are no transactions or records from “Lists.”
  • You notice “Accounts names” preceded by an Asterisk (*). QuickBooks established these accounts due to the missing original accounts.  
  • Every operation in QuickBooks is taking longer to complete.
  • Paid Invoices and bills are reported as not paid.  
  • “Transaction History” displays a negative balance left.  
  • When users open “Send Feedback Online” then navigate to the “Bug Report Window,” an HTML code appears in the window. 
  • The list just goes on.

Causes of Damage in QuickBooks Company File

As time passes, QuickBooks’ company file expands in size as we continuously add data to it. Problems occur when information is not properly entered, or due to reasons the file was damaged.

Corruption in QuickBooks Company File

Here are a few of the most common reasons for QuickBooks file data damage:

  1. Windows Power failure leads to an immediate shutdown causing damage to the QuickBooks company files.
  2. Incorrect data entry.
  3. Items, accounts and names included in the company’s file also leads to data corruption.
  4. Computer viruses.

Some Preventive Steps

Before you start looking for the quick fixes for repairing QuickBooks files and data, you must take some preventive measures that include:

  • Pick a hard-wired connection over wireless. If you use wireless networks, it could increase the chance of dropped connections that could cause problems in the file. This issue can be prevented by choosing an unwired network.  

Picking a hard-wired connection over wireless is recommended. I

  • Making a backup in QuickBooks. Most of the time, the backups are automatically created within QuickBooks. But, once a log file is made, it continues to grow in size. Due to this, the performance begins to slow down and the risk of data corruption increases. The backup file will later be utilized by Intuit to aid in retrieving data. Therefore, experts suggest creating a backup every month within the software.
  • Verifying the file size. The file size in QuickBooks Premier and Pro can be up to 250 MB. If the file size exceeds 500 MB it starts performing sluggishly. In contrast, QuickBooks enterprise users can use 500 MB. However, once the file touches  the 750MB limit, it could begin causing problems. Therefore, experts advise to keep the file within the limit set by the software to prevent any issues. 
  • Update patches: Users will quickly see the release number in the first row of the Product Information Window. The most recent patch will not cause an issue afterward.    
  • Monitoring the list size. You need to keep an eye on the limit of the list in QuickBooks Pro and Premier. Remember that, there won’t be any warning signs about exceeding the upper limit. Track fragments of your database every month. Additionally, if you’re adding the data without doing a cleanup, then keep the total below 10,100.

Repairing QuickBooks Company File Damage Issue

After analyzing all the details above, such as the reasons for the problem, their symptoms, ways to prevent them and so on, it’s time to learn the repair methods. There are two methods to fix QuickBooks File error: Either manually or by using available tools. We’ll discuss each of these methods step by step. Let’s get started:

The Manual Method

  • Firstly, access the data files and login as administrator.  
  • Now, choose “Single User Mode”.  
  • Hit “File” >> “Utilities” >> “Verify”

"File" >> "Utilities" >> "Verify"

The above procedure could be time-consuming in some instances. However, the user can apply the following step, if the process is taking a long time.

  • Create a data file’s local copy from the server.  
  • Then enable temporary hosting on the computer. (Only if necessary).
  • Thereafter, access the file using administrator login.  
  • Hit “File” >> “Utilities” >> “‘Rebuild”.  

"File" >> "Utilities" >> "'Rebuild".  

  • In the end, just copy and access the file preceded by logging into the account as administrator.  

What are the Reasons to use Verify and Rebuild Company File QuickBooks

  • You have to use it while encountering fatal errors in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Incorrect invoices, bills, forms of documentation indicating negative values. 
  • Already deposited funds appear in the window of deposit.
  • Certain accounts are not included in the balance sheet.  
  • Blank or missing names from the list.
  • Missing transactions.
  • Confirming whether your company’s data is free from glitches/errors.

Repairing QuickBooks Files With Rebuild Data Tool

It is an integrated tool in QuickBooks and helps you to fix common company file damaged data problems:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Hit  “File” >> “Utilities” >> “Rebuild”.    
  • Select “OK” when QuickBooks Information window comes. Go through the instructions on screen for saving the backup file of the company file.  
  • Thereafter, run the tool to let it work on fixing your file. It could take a while. During the repair company file QuickBooks process, you might notice QuickBooks is stuck. However, if the mouse cursor is moving, then it means the tool is working.
  • Select “OK” when the tool completes the repair.  
  • Hit “File” >> “Utilities” >> “Verify”
  • Now, you need to run the repairing tool, to examine the files for data damage. 
  • If this tool is unable to detect any issue then select “Yes” and open the company file to resume work. In case, the tool identifies any issue with the file, select “Rebuild Now”.

On the off chance, if you are still encountering the same problem after re-building the company’s files, then try rebuilding one more time. If the first attempt to Rebuild Company File QuickBooks took more than 2 hours, then follow the next advanced method.

Using The Automatic Tool QuickBooks File Doctor

If none of the methods explained above helped you repair the problem with the QuickBooks company files then use QuickBooks File Doctor tool. The steps are:

  • First download QuickBooks Tool Hub. For this visit Intuit website and start downloading it. 
  • Then save the file somewhere easily accessible.
  • Go to the saved location and tap on the recently downloaded file. 
  • Follow the onscreen appearing instructions to install it. And approve the license agreement after going through it carefully. 
  • Now, the icon of the tool will be created automatically on the desktop. Go there, and tap on the icon.
  • Once it opens, hover to the “Company File Issues” component.

QuickBooks File Doctor

  • From there, tap “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”. This could take up to 1 minute to allow the tool to open.
  • In the tool, select your company file. If you can’t identify the file then just tap on “Browse” and click on the search tab to locate the file.  
  • Now, hit the option “Check File”.
  • Then press “Continue”.
  • In the end, enter your administrator password to login and click “Next”.  

The process of scanning can take a while, depending on the size of the file. When the scan is concluded, we suggest you to open QuickBooks along with the company file.

Repairing Damaged QuickBooks Company File in Mac

For Mac users, the steps to repair the damaged QuickBooks Company Files are different. Let’s check them.

Step 1: Using The Verify Tool

This step helps to scan the QuickBooks company files to identify any damage or issue. The steps are:

  • Firstly open QuickBooks.
  • Now select “File”.
  • Thereafter select “Utilities”.
  • Tap on “Verify Data”. Hit “OK” to exit from all the windows.  
  • If there are no data issues, then the step is successful. However, if you find “The data has failed the integrity check” it is necessary to rebuild the file.

Step 2: Rebuild the QuickBooks Company File 

After verifying the data, you need to rebuild the QuickBooks Company file to repair the data damage problem.

  • Click “File” >> “Utilities” >> “‘Rebuild Data'”.    

'Rebuild Data'"

  • Hit “OK” for closing all the opened windows.
  • It is possible that the QuickBooks software will prompt you to backup your data prior to rebuilding the company’s file. select “OK”. If you decide not to back up, simply click cancel to resume rebuilding the QuickBooks company file.  
    • If you don’t have set up some backup options, QuickBooks will ask to update the preferences. Select the preferred backup preferences and then modify as needed. Then click “OK”.   
    • After completing the backup, select “Show” to find the backup or simply choose “OK”.
  • Once you click “OK”, the rebuild company file QuickBooks will be completed.  

Step 3: Merge All Damaged Accounts/Names/Items

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks.
  • Tap on “Lists”, now choose “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Choose the damaged account. Then tap “Edit Account”  
  • You must add an Asterisk (*) on the account’s name.
  • Thereafter, click on “Cancel”  
  • Hold “CTRL” and keep it holding, then choose any account followed by clicking on “New Account”  
  • Select the type you prefer and enter the name of the original account experiencing problems.  
  • Hit ‘OK’  
  • Press “Control” and choose the original account. Thereafter select “Edit Account”.  
  • Then, remove the asterisk. After that choose “OK”.
  • Further, click “Yes” to confirm that you wish to join the accounts.  
  • For merging names and items, follow the exact explained steps.  

Step 4: Delete Customer Reports

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Navigate to “Reports”. 
  • Tap “Report Center”  
  • Choose the report you wish to remove then single tap on the name.
  • In the end, choose “RedX” and click “OK”.  

Step 5: Remove Memorized Transactions

  • Firstly, select “Lists”.
  • Thereafter, select “Memorized Tansactions”.
  • Now, tap on “Edit”.
  • Here select “Delete Memorized Transactions”.

Remove Memorized Transactions

  • Tap on “OK” and your transactions will be removed.

To make sure your file is free of all damage and errors, check your company file again. If you are still having problems, you can again rebuild the file.

This finally brings us to the conclusion of this informative article. By now, we believe that readers are familiar with the signs of QuickBooks Company File data damage problem, its causes, ways to prevent it, and solutions. Now you can work on the company file just like before. All your valuable opinions and additional suggestions are welcomed below.

QuickBooks Company File Corruption and Data Damage : Fix It

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